Cara (wickey29) wrote in pregnancychoice,

Hi all...

I'm glad this community exists for those who feel comfortable finding the help they need online. I am 24 years old, and have been interested in the reproductive rights movement/education and advocacy work for the last few years. I believe it stemmed from a trip to Romania in 2003 where I worked with orphans, which led to my writing of a thesis on the reproductive rights of women in communist Romania, for my BA in women's studies. I am currently a talkine advocate for backline, along with hellobutterfly. I am also working with a team on a minor's rights project for backline, and researching information on five states that will be available to minors and professionals, in print and online later this year. I hope I can be a listening and supportive person for anybody with questions in this safe space.

Cara :)
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