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(no subject)

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Jan. 10th, 2008 | 09:14 pm
posted by: neuroticismette in pregnancychoice

A group of my classmates are doing a paper on Women's Rights and they kind of need statements from women who've experienced certain things that encompass or resonate important social issues. And one of the things they're trying to present are testimonies of women who've taken up personal stands on pro-choice.

I know, abortion is altogether extra degrees above what we collectively consider as 'sensitive human rights issues' and it's not something that's easily talked about but we think our classmates, our batchmates, need to open up and understand what the whole issue really counts for.

The questions aren't really very thick on personal, they're kind of very flat and they're under the cut. I don't want to rile up anything and I hope I don't spark up any arguments.

It would really help if you guys can say something about it. You can certainly post anonymously if you'd like to.

So there, and much much thanks in advance.

1. How do you see abortion?

2. Have you ever had the threat of unplanned pregnancy and what was the first thought that crossed your mind?

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from the door comes Satan's daughter

(no subject)

from: neuroticismette
date: Sep. 19th, 2010 11:11 am (UTC)

Thanks, I'll be sure to check out your journal? Although, it would be for personal knowledge now, if that's okay. The project was finished over three years ago. But I don't mind learning more about the topic.

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