oukjexwe (oukjexwe) wrote in pregnancychoice,

Let me know if this post isn't allowed and I'll edit/remove it right away. I recently found out that I'm pregnant; I estimate that I'm about four to five weeks along, since I waited for three weeks after my last missed period to get a test. I do plan on getting an abortion; hopefully by manual vacuum aspiration if at all possible.

My question is this (and the reason why I'm not sure that this is "appropriate" for this community, but I wasn't sure where else to ask): For the past four days or so I've been having light-to-moderate brownish, sometimes mostly reddish discharge, similar to what I've had towards the end of my period if I had a period that was particularly light/long-lasting. My question is... Is this just something that happens during the first few weeks of pregnancy? Or could something else be going on? Impending miscarriage/blighted ovum? Anyone have any ideas? I'm just confused and curious.

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