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Pregnancy Choices

Abortion, adoption, or raising a child - helping you to make your choice

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abortion, adoption, or raising a child?
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Community Mission

This community is here in order to give people who are facing an unplanned or otherwise crisis pregnancy support and help in making their decision about what choice to make regarding the pregnancy. All options - abortion, adoption, and raising the child - are respected here and will be honestly discussed. The owner of this community (eyelid) is pro-choice and has had an abortion and two subsequent wanted pregnancies; mod moon_ferret has placed a child for adoption, has had an abortion, and has three children; and mod nothingmuch was a teen mom. As our histories suggest, ALL choices are welcome here!

While this community is pro-choice in that it is dedicated to offering and supporting all choices, that means ALL choices. We will not push ANY choice on ANYONE. We will just offer resources and support in making the choice that is right for you during this difficult time.

Please check for the answers to common questions in the Memories section.

Keeping our members safe from trolls and pressure

This is NOT a debate community. Debate leads to judgmental statements, which are not ok here as this is a "safe space." So discussing your views on which kinds of choices are ok and which are not, etc, is not allowed. Lecturing women on their birth control, relationship, and other personal choices is also not allowed. We are firmly dedicated to respect and non-judgmentalness.

Pressuring or censuring of people seeking support/help WILL NOT BE TOLERATED, either on this community or in their own journals. If a troll comments pressuring or censuring you, PLEASE let the moderators know right away and they will be banned. Comments on posts are regularly checked but sometimes something could slip by!

Moderator e-mails:

eyelid: eyelid@livejournal.com
moon_ferret: moon_ferret@livejournal.com
nothingmuch: nothingmuch@livejournal.com
--I am currently just setting this up, other moderators will be added soon.

Keeping your identity private/keeping away trolls. Ways to keep anti-choice trolls away while posting in pregnancychoices:
=>Friends-only posting. We ban all trolls immediately. However, if you post publicly on the community trolls may see your post and follow you back to your personal journal. We strongly suggest that anyone feeling emotionally vulnerable post friends-only.
=>"anonymous" journal. Additionally, you may create a "Throw-away" journal just to post in the community, so that your normal LJ identity remains secret. http://www.livejournal.com to make a new disposable journal.
=>ask the mods to post your question for you. If you do not have a LiveJournal or do not wish to use your LiveJournal here, you can e-mail the moderators with your anonymous question, and we will post it to the community on your behalf. Anonymous commenting is currently allowed so that those who wish to answer questions anonymously can be accomodated. Those trolling will be tracked down via their IPs.
=>using abortionstories's story_anon journal as an identity. Ask musicmz about this.

Useful net resources

Site to help you make your decision if you have an unplanned pregnancy:
Planned Parenthood: What if I'm pregnant? site
Backline is a toll-free all-options pregnancy choice counselling line. No pressure. 1-888-493-0092

Resources for those who want to carry to term/keep their child:
Girlmom.com (highly recommended for young moms)

Adoption placement resources
In Canada: see this page
US: Adopt.org, National Adoption Information Clearinghouse (government site).
OpenAdopt.org: site w/info on open adoption (a form of adoption where you get to keep in contact with your child).

Abortion resources (see abortioninfo for many more)
Find an abortion doctor in your area: here or here.

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